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About our Directory

The Home Employment Directory has been published by us since 1989 and includes the names and addresses of companies, with a full description of the assembly or other interesting work at home opportunities offered by them. Our comprehensive directory contains information on legitimate work at home opportunities available throughout the country. The goal of National Homeworkers Association is to provide you with the most up-to-date and current, true opportunities for home work, and is updated on a continuous basis. We have weeded out the frauds and only publish true, genuine opportunities for profitable assembly work. We have samples of their products in our office, and we carefully select assembly opportunities that require no special training, skills or equipment. There are over 75 companies listed to choose from, most of which have been with us for years and have proven their integrity. Many of them are listed with their local Chamber of Commerce and other consumer protection agencies.

Tired of working for someone else?

I have sold thousands of my Directories over the years. My first year I earned over $75,000. My second year over $130,000 and continued to earn over $150,000 per year. In spite of all that, I have barely scratched the surface of the market. Why?!? Hundreds of thousands of individuals are looking for ways to make extra money at home. Our Home Employment Directory has proven to fill that need. People like you across the country, are discovering the huge financial rewards by marketing our Directory.

Here is what some of our distributors are doing:

  • Mr. Luis G. from California has consistent sales of 40 to 50 per week of our Spanish version of the Home Employment Directory. He markets to the Spanish community in his area.
  • Mr. Nelson F. from Illinois sold 98 Directories in his first full month of operation.
  • Mrs. Zabra N. sold 325 Directories in only 2 months.
  • Mr. O. Darvish from Canada sold over 6,000 Directories in the last 8 months and sales are increasing. He anticipates over $200,000 income in the first year.
  • Mrs. Andrea T. from Pennsylvania sold over 3,800 Directories in the last 12 months, using internet marketing only. This is what Andrea has to say about our Charter Distributor Program:

    "Joining the Charter Distributor Program has been one of the most rewarding and satisfying business decisions I have ever made! I am able to help people find work at home and make a nice income for myself as well. I recently bought a house and a 4-Runner with profits I made, thanks to National Homeworkers Association."     Andrea T.

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By becoming a Charter Distributor of our Home Employment Directory you will fill orders at no cost to you. When people order the Directory they will pay you $26.00 plus $7.00 postage and handling. You keep $26.00 of the $26.00 selling price. Send us the $7.00 postage and handling only. We will drop-ship the Directory to your clients under your name and address. You also have the option of ordering directories in bulk which means even higher profits for you. As a Charter Distributor you will soon be enjoying sales like the distributors mentioned above.

Internet marketing option

Although traditional marketing through classified ads continue to bring in huge profits for our Distributors, you can utilize our Internet Marketing methods for even higher profits. You will receive a free duplicate of this website with free online marketing tools. Unlike other programs, our program gives you all the methods to send traffic to your site using banners, ads, e-zines, news groups, pay-per-click ads, search engines, email marketing, and live support to be a successful affiliate. Your website takes orders 24 hours a day and we pay our affiliates the highest commission split in the industry.

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  • Simplified training manual
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There is no guesswork here. This program has proven itself for 15 years. You can be proud to market this directory and earn a significant amount of money with confidence. Mail order is the fastest growing, most profitable business in America and I'll teach you how to follow in my footsteps and earn 1,000's of dollars month after month. As a Charter Distributor of the Home Employment Directory, I absolutely guarantee your satisfaction and I'll give you 30 days to prove it to yourself.

Anyone can do this in the U.S.A. or Canada. We are now accepting a limited amount of Charter Distributors. Follow the ordering instructions below and I'll show you how to earn some real money.

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